Abd A. Masoud

Arabic calligraphy with a difference

Contemporary interpretation of old manuscripts

Contemporary interpretation of old manuscripts or Arabic calligraphy with a difference describes best what Abd A. Masoud is showing in his art work, his goal is to reshape the Arabic script, to combine it with ornaments and symbols, to create an artistic work without figurative painting. He is engaged to make the Arabic calligraphy or the Arabic signs understandable and acceptable for Arabic and a non-Arabic viewer.
In order to make the calligraphic element more attractive for the "non-Arabic speaking viewer", He is deliberately avoiding the traditional main criteria of calligraphy (writing on a white background and black letters). Instead of this he likes to work with different colour layers, deep and daring shades which leads the viewer into a wide lightness of the image and pleases their eyes.
Therefore the spectators find in his paintings different backgrounds and a variety of patterns and structures presented in a varied range of colours while maintaining the visual contrast of the Arabic script.
He gets inspiration and new ideas for his painting series from reading and viewing old Arabic manuscripts and maps. Without getting restricted to the traditional calligraphy rolls he is feeling free to re-design and re-interpret these ancient scriptures and convert his thoughts to the final result on the canvas.
His art work gives a new touch to the contemporary Arabic art without losing the old roots and maintaining the Arabic artistic heritage.
Each of his paintings presents the shape of a pale white colour cross in the centre. The artist tries to Allude the viewer to imagine a window cross but also to an unfolded old document. The artist plays with the mystical element of obsolescence ancient wordings, wise writings and precious Memoires.
Abd A. Masoud is feeling proud producing a unique harmony with his work through combining all these elements such as colours, textures, patterns, symbolism and the various writings styles which are best presented through his inspiring motto - Arabic calligraphy with a difference.
Contemporary interpretation of old manuscripts

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